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N1 BET official site

N1 Bet brings a fresh approach to the online betting space. With some of the best betting odds online, massive bonuses, and quick withdrawals, you’re guaranteed a premium online betting experience when you use N1 Bet.

N1 Bet is a legitimate online betting website active in several countries. It has a Malta Gaming Authority license, confirming that it is fair and safe to use. In addition, N1 Bet has a betting license from the Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission.

Players on the N1 Betting website can expect a smooth ride all through. You get freebets and welcome bonuses to play with as a Nigerian player. You also have access to a friendly 24/7 support team that ensures you get the best possible online betting experience.

Official site

The official N1 Betting site is available from mobile and desktop. The website is highly responsive and mobile-friendly. So regardless of the device you use to access it, you get all the vital features.

N1 Bet has a clean, user-friendly interface. It has a minimalist design with carefully selected colors contrasting perfectly with its eye-friendly dark background. This dark theme makes the website accessible to a wide range of players.

The N1 Bet website navigation is just as carefully designed. Navigating the site is easy because all the essential links are within reach. On the desktop and mobile sites, you can view the many games available to bet on from the homepage.

You can also access individual N1 Betting categories like cybersports, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, and soccer. Live games are visible from the In-Play tab. The In-Play mode works on mobile as perfectly as it does on desktop.

N1 Bet makes it easy for you to make deposits from anywhere on the website. Other links like notifications, bonuses, promotions, and your profile are also accessible from any page.

When browsing the N1 Bet website from mobile, you need to open the collapsible menu to view all the options. This feature helps save space and makes the site uncluttered.

The N1 Betting website comes with everything you need to enjoy the online betting process. You can view betting odds online and sports statistics for live events directly from the In-Play tab. Detailed sports statistics are at the statistic center.

N1 Bet lists all game partners at the bottom of the website. Here, you can view bonus terms, frequently asked questions, licensing information, etc. You can also contact the support team here.


Visit the official N1 Bet website to register. Registration works on mobile and desktop, and it only takes a few seconds to complete.

In line with online betting regulations, you must be 18 years old or more to play on N1 Bet.

Follow these steps to register on N1 Bet:

  • Select sign up from the top of the page.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Confirm you’re at least 18 or older and create your account.

You can log in immediately and start playing.

Once you’re familiar with the website, complete additional steps to access more features and make quick withdrawals. You need the following details to gain access to these features:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Physical address and phone number

These details are standard requirements for online betting sites. They help verify your identity and keep players safe. You can use official documents like your regulatory ID cards and a utility bill or bank statement to confirm the details you provided are true.

N1 Bet does not sell your information or mishandle it, so you can rest assured that all the information you provide is safely protected.

Deposit methods

As a Nigerian player, you can make payments on the N1 Betting site using several deposit methods. The website supports both traditional and alternative payment methods.

You can make these payments either on the desktop or mobile site, and it only takes a few seconds. Once your transaction is successful, N1 Bet updates your account balance immediately and you can start betting on games.

The deposit methods available at this online betting site include:

  • Flutterwave
  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • USSD transfer
  • Bank transfer
  • Cryptocurrencies

You can use any payment method you like as long as it’s convenient. N1 Bet does not charge any fees for processing the payments.

You can make a minimum deposit of 450 NGN. But if you’ve toured the website and had a chance to look at the fantastic betting odds online, you’ll want to deposit more. You can deposit as much as 250,000 NGN at a time.

N1 Bet sweetens your experience by giving you massive bonuses on your first deposits. These bonuses allow you to make freebets and increase your winnings by incredibly huge margins.

You can only make payments in your name on this online betting site. This measure is also to protect players and keep everything clean.

Sports odds

The betting odds online you’ll find at N1 Bet are unmatched. There are many markets and odds methods to choose from, and you get fantastic payouts when you stake on games in any category.

The payout of 94% and more is a fantastic deal when you compare it to other online betting websites.

On the dashboard, you can change the odds formats. The default odds format is European or decimal. But you can change it to anyone that helps you visualize your winnings best. If you’re a new player, the default is the easiest to understand.

You can view the odds methods of any game you like by clicking on it. You have several game categories, including football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, hockey, and basketball.

You can even find more niche options to bet on, like darts and alpine skiing. Like popular game categories, these sports have the best betting odds online. You can’t find many games here at other online betting websites.

Select a game category, pick an event you’re interested in, and view its odds methods. Once you see markets you like, you can stake money and start winning big on N1 Bet.


Football is the most popular N1 Betting sports category, so it also has excellent betting odds online. You can stake money on football matches in several leagues worldwide, from the more popular European leagues to leagues in Africa and Asia. Your options are almost limitless.

When staking on football games at N1 Bet, you have several markets to choose from. Popular football odds methods at this online betting site include total, handicap, and score bets. In addition, you can bet outrights to determine league winners and win massively.


Volleyball also comes with superb betting odds online. There are several worldwide tournaments you can stake real money on. View available markets from this online betting website’s desktop or mobile version.

You can stake on upcoming games or wait until the games are in play before wagering for some sweet wins. If you take advantage of the N1 Bet welcome bonuses you get, you can use the freebets you get to make much more money.

Odds methods in this N1 Betting category include set winner, total points, and point handicap. You can also place score bets and outrights for most games.


The hockey sports category on N1 Bet is pretty robust. There are hundreds of games with teams from different countries, such as the US and Russia. If you’re a hockey fan, then you’re bound to find staking in this category exciting.

There are many markets you can choose from on this online betting website. Here, you’ll find odds methods like totals, period, handicap, combo, and outrights.

These odds methods have several subcategories and combinations that make gambling on the N1 Betting site exciting.


You’ll find many basketball games with excellent betting odds online at N1 Bet. Many of the games on the N1 Bet website are from the NFL and have payouts of about 95%. You’ll also find tournaments from several countries worldwide.

You can play set winner, handicap, and totals. Many more N1 Bet categories are available, and some differ from game to game. But all of them have exciting betting odds online.


Tennis games at N1 Bet have a lot of players. You can stake money on upcoming games with exciting markets. Staking on live tennis events is also great because you get dynamic odds that can land you big wins.

Common tennis markets at N1 Bet are handicap, total, score, set, outrights, and combo. You can mix offerings from these markets in your betting slip for some spectacular wins.


Cybersport is excellent for N1 Bet players who enjoy simulated games. Cybersports simulate conventional online betting sports like football. But they also include some unique games like Counter-Strike, Dota 2, and League of Legends. These games all have fair and exciting odds similar to non-simulated games.