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N1 Bet bonuses

As an N1 Bet player, you get several mouth-watering bonuses when you sign up. These N1 Bet bonuses range from cash rewards and combos to freebets you can use to claim unexpectedly huge wins.

N1 Bet bonuses are designed to give you the best online gambling experience. That’s why you get your first bonus immediately after signing up on the official N1 Bet website.

N1 Bet gives you several combo bonuses to make freebets on registration. These combos are a type of no deposit freebet because you don’t need to spend money to claim them. Combo bonuses are fantastic because they let you combine several betting selections into one.

When you use your combo bonuses to make freebets, you can make massive wins while keeping your risk low. For example, you can win up to 25% more cash with N1 Bet bonuses of this type.

There are two types of N1 Bet bonuses in this category you get when you join N1 Bet. The first is called a Comboboost. You can use this combo on all sporting events on the website. The only requirement is that you stake on at least three games with minimum odds of 1.4.

You can stake on up to 15 games or more. The more games you add to your Comboboost stake, the more your odds and potential wins increase. You can win up to 20% more using this N1 Bet offer.

ComboUSA is the second combo offer you get when you sign up on N1 Bet. It works like Comboboost, but you can only use it on USA sports events with minimum odds of 1.3. However, you can win more with it. Depending on how you wager, you can win 25% more.

What’s more exciting than your no deposit N1 Bet bonuses is the welcome massive deposit bonus N1 Bet gives you.

In your welcome package, you get 300% of your deposit amount when you make deposits of 4,500 NGN or more. Depending on how much you pay, you can win up to 500,000 NGN from this offer alone.

There’s more. You can win more N1 Bet bonuses weekly when you keep using N1 Bet. You get these reload bonuses when you make deposits on Tuesdays and weekends. At the same time, use the N1Bet promo code WEEKEND on Saturdays and Sundays to get 25% of your deposit amount.

In addition to deposit N1 Bet bonuses, you can get 10% cashback every week on bets you make in any market. N1 Bet awards you this cashback if there’s a negative difference between your winning and losing bets. Cashback can be up to 100,000 NGN.

N1 Bet bonuses are great because you can use them to wager on sports events or slots in the casino. You don’t need to create an extra account to enjoy this benefit.

N1 Bet – Bonuses for Esports

Esports games are exciting because they differ from traditional sports games. However, they become doubly exciting when you play with the N1 Bet bonuses dedicated to this game category.

You can use the ComboCybersport offer N1 Bet gives players to bet on esports and multiply your winnings. The esports events you use this bonus on must have odds of 1.3 or greater.

Like other combo bonuses, your bonus odds increase when you stake on more games. N1 Bet lets you wager on a minimum of three events. Wagering on 11 or more events gives you the highest odds rewards.

The ComboCybersport offer can only be used on tennis events. Fortunately, there are many other N1 Bet bonuses you can use on esports games besides it. For example, you can use general bonuses like Freecombo to bet on esports with 1.4 odds or more.

You can also use your cashback earnings to make freebets in this category.

Bonuses for soccer

Soccer is the most popular online betting sport, so N1 Bet naturally has several offers to help players maximize their wins. These N1 Bet bonuses differ slightly in how you can use them.

The ComboSoccer bonus is the most exciting because you can use it on all soccer events. Use this offer on games with odds of 1.7 or more to multiply your winnings.

You can bet on a minimum of three games with ComboSoccer. N1 Bet increases your bonus odds as you increase the number of events in your combo. Staking on 11 games or more gives you 1.3 bonus odds.

The ComboSoccerEurocup is another offer solely for soccer games. You can use this offer on all Europa League events and Champions Cup matches. Wager on a minimum of three games with odds of 1.5 or higher to claim this bonus. You get your max bonus odds on 11 games, but you can stake more.

Copa America gives the highest odds rewards. You only need to stake on at least three Copa America events with minimum odds of 1.4 to get it. N1 Bet gives you 1.5 bonus odds when you bet on 11 or more events.

General bonuses like Freecombo apply to sports like soccer. You can get up to 1.2 bonus odds when you stake on soccer events with at least 1.4 odds.


The N1 Bet sportsbook welcome bonus includes freebet on registration and no deposit freebet. You can claim these freebets on registration by visiting the promotions page.

Freebets are excellent deals because they have no downsides. With freebets, you can win mega cash bonuses without risking your own money. N1 Bet pays your net winnings if you win your wager. You lose nothing if your bet fails.

You can use freebets on events with minimum odds of 1.01 and maximum odds of 2. You have three days to use your freebets after claiming them. This is more than enough time to stake on events and win.

International N1 Comboboost
Comboboost up to 60%
Australian Open Comboboost
Comboboost up to 100%
Africa cup of nations Comboboost
Comboboost up to 100%
New Basketball Brazil Comboboost
Comboboost up to 60%