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Payment Methods in N1 BET Nigeria


The variety of payment methods often scare first-time betters, especially when it involves staking a huge amount of money. It is understandable to have doubts regarding the safety of your money when involving in esports or other online betting. Many factors, ranging from fear of illegitimacy to a probability of the payment provider crashing are part of what fuel this insecurity.

However, be rest assured that the betting system is organized and has attached to it, protocols to ensure the safety of your stakes. Each betting site is duly registered and licensed under laws guiding specific jurisdictions. Employ a payment method you are adequately familiar with. MasterCard and PayPal are examples of widely recognized payment methods and if it makes you comfortable, opt for one of them.

The first step to dealing with safe methods would be to go through our reviews. We have highlighted the top rate operators and payment methods that guarantee you the essential factors for keeping your information and money safe.


Oftentimes, we extend the zeal that accompanies sports betting and payments deposit to withdrawals, and the failure to meet our expectations dampens the excitement. Other times, we want a swift and precise withdrawal and end up being disappointed when we do not get what we have planned out. However, the average time limit for deposits and withdrawals depends largely on the payment method we employ.

Some methods like debit and credit cards, bank transferSkrill, and Neteller operate instant deposit while bank transfer method often takes 2-3 days to validate a deposit. In the same vein, while Neteller takes 1-2 days to validate withdrawal, bank transfer takes longer with a duration of 5-7 days. Be that as it may, it is important that you confirm the criteria surrounding the payment process you’re choosing to avoid disappointment and to be sure when there’s an excessive delay that should make you call for alarm. Play fair with n1 bet!